What is home staging?

The key to selling your house is to have a potential buyer envision themselves living in your home. To accomplish this, your normal home environment must be transformed into a style which buyers will find comfortable and with little or no work required to make this house their new home. This is what home staging is all about. Home Staging is the art of preparing your home, prior to listing, to bring out its best features while downplaying its negatives. Staging makes the most out of what the home has to offer, and leaves potential buyers with a feeling of excitement when considering living out their lives in their new home.


Before listing your home, a home stager will come to the home and develop a plan for staging it that will focus on quick transformations, return on investment and works within the client's budget. Working with the seller, a stager makes only those changes that will reap a large return on dollars spent and will speak to home buyer's emotions. Once staged, the home is photo ready! Since 80% of home buyers are using the Internet to determine whether to visit the home, photos of professionally staged rooms will set the listing apart from the rest. You can now market the home to the public with the confidence of knowing it will sell faster and for more than it would have un-staged.

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