For Realtors – Why Use a Stager?

Now is the time to partner with Alexander Home Staging and Design. You need a solution or competitive advantage to offer discouraged home sellers and get their homes sold. Staging homes has become a vital step for a successful sale. We can take the internal marketing of the home off the real estate agent’s shoulders and provide that competitive advantage that will give your listings the best possible chance for quick and timely sales.

For many home sellers and real estate agents the concept of "professional home staging" is being increasingly recognized and used to effectively package and market a home in the marketplace. Many successful Realtors use a professional stager. It’s no coincidence that the top earning real estate agents in any given geography are the ones that see the value in home staging and make the investment.

Having your listing professionally staged to sell by a home stager is not a luxury in this day and age but a necessity. Statistically, staging is an investment that will lead to increased income and the best realtors recognize this fact. Staged homes sell 50% faster and for 6-10% more (source It is always to your benefit to sell each home you list for the most money possible. It is also always beneficial to sell your listings quickly. So why aren't all real estate agents having their listings professionally staged?

Here are some of the reasons we hear why Realtors are hesitant to use a professional home stager and some key points that will allow Alexander Home Staging and Design to remove these fears for you:

Agent: I don't want to offend home sellers whose listing I value.

Response: When trying to secure the listing, you can offer a service that not all realtors are offering which will set you apart We stress with your client that our opinions and recommendations are from trained and experienced designers and stagers, not from your real estate agent We are taking the emotion out of the equation and working to make the home looks its best These are not the opinions or recommendations of their agent, but that of a professional staging and design business that is very successful.

Agent: Staging a home to sell involves too much work and money.

Response: That is why we are in business Let us do all the work, spend all the time, and you will be surprised how affordable a staging service can be It is certainly much less then what will result from your first price reduction that you otherwise may not have to make.

Agent: I'm not into decorating.

Response: We are, we love it, and we are very good at it. Plus it works in a big way. We do all the work for you.

Agent: I told home sellers what to do...they just didn't do it or didn't do it well.

Response: Most likely, they don’t trust you in this area. After all, you are not a decorator or designer, you are a skilled real estate agent that knows how to sell homes. That is why you are providing them with a professional staging service and a dedicated team that will lay out exactly what needs to get done prior to listing the home. Staging becomes part of the process and work will get done as a result of being integral to the listing process.

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