For Sellers: Why Stage Your Home?

A very successful realtor once told me that the key to selling a home lies in the “Three Ps”, Preparation, Promotion and Price. As the Massachusetts real estate market continues to suffer from reduced prices and plenty of inventories, how can a normal seller hope to compete against this housing market pressure? While price and promotion are key factors, there is only so much you can do in these areas. What you can do is attack your competition with better Preparation. A well staged home, (preparation), will separate your listing apart from your competition. Buyers are willing to pay more to buy a home that’s ready to move into.

Buyers want a place that already feels like home and resonates with them from the first moment they walk through the front door. Most times, especially when your home first hits the market, you have only one chance to make this impression. By staging your home you are connecting with potential buyers, giving them an emotional link to your home, and showing them reasons to take action.

Sellers have to be able to remove the emotion of selling their home from the equation and this is hard to do for most home owners. As professional home stagers and designers, we will view your home objectively, with out emotional ties, and prepare it properly so potential buyers see your home’s best features while minimizing any negative aspects. This requires what Alexander Home Staging and Design has; a professional eye, design skill, and experience staging homes that have successfully sold and beat the competition again and again.

With the housing market the way it is today, staging is especially important as there are so many homes to choose from. By properly staging, you are preparing to have your home stand out and look extremely attractive to potential buyers who use the internet to shop and browse homes before they call their realtor. Your rooms should pop so buyers want to visit your home after viewing it online. Let us save you time and money by properly preparing your home prior to that all important first listing.

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