Services and Rates

Staging Consultation and Full Staging Report

The first step in staging is the initial consultation. We will meet the homeowner and/or the realtor at the home and spend approximately an hour reviewing the interior and exterior of the property. We will discuss the needs, expectations, budget and final outcome we are looking for. Pictures will be taken of each room so we can work on your project with access to every detail after we leave.

Alexander Staging and Design then delivers to you a comprehensive full color multi-page report with step by step instructions for exactly what changes to make in every room. The report is filled with photos of your rooms as they exist now in order for you to take an outsiders view of what buyers will see. Then a detailed description of what steps you need to take to beautify each room is outlined for you. We use your existing home furnishings wherever possible and keep budgets in mind should new furniture, accessories or small improvement projects be recommended. We also prioritize your needs while keeping changes well within your tolerance for change.

This report is your blueprint for success and your check list to help you get your home ready for listing. Investment for the Full Staging Report will be between $150 -$500 depending on the size of your home and time involved in your project. Reports are delivered to both the home owner and the realtor in hard and soft copies, and can be completed within 3-5 days of the initial consultation.

Fast Track Staging

We have discovered that many customers are in need of a quick redesign and staging service for their home. Although we encourage clients to take the time that is needed to properly stage their home prior to listing, customers sometimes call us right before their home is going to hit MLS or before an open house as they realize they have not done any preparation work. We are flexible enough to meet these needs of our customers as well and we can fast track the staging process.

In the fast track scenario, we arrive at the home ready to make changes then and there. We will work with home owners and realtors as we go from room to room de-cluttering, rearranging, organizing, and prioritizing the key ‘must do” list for our clients. We will make dramatic changes as we go, beautifying the home and creating a project check list on the spot that clients can refer to as we stage your home.

Open Houses are stressful enough and you can let us do the prep work for you. We will spend time days prior to your open house redesigning its interior and getting it ready for that very important first impression that is needed for open houses. We can off load that work for you and make the open house process much less stressful for you.

Rates for fast track staging and open houses are hourly and vary depending on the amount of time spent on site and the size of the home.

Home Design, Shopping and Color Consultation Services

Furniture, fixtures and accent pieces are key to the overall design of your home. It’s important that these selections and their placement match your overall design flow. Creating a consistent flow throughout your home can be a difficult and time consuming task. Our decorating and sourcing service will review your spaces, develop decorating concepts and then shop for those important pieces and accessories that will help create the desired overall look of your rooms.

Color is the most important decision you can make for your home. Whether you are selling your home or just moving in, color plays a very important role in creating a mood and setting. Our color service will help insure you are making the correct choices. Whether your painting one room or many rooms, color selection can become frustrating and overwhelming. We can eliminate the frustration and create a palette for you to insure a creative and beautiful flow from room to room.

Rates for these services are project based and full estimates are provided once the project has been scoped.

Vacant Homes and Condos

Alexander Staging and Design has a full inventory of furniture, fixtures, accessories, rugs, and many other items that can turn vacant homes and rooms into wonderfully comfortable and appealing spaces that will allow potential buyers to envision themselves living there. By using our inventory to fill vacant spaces, you are bringing out the full potential of the home and showing the full functionality and flexibility of each room that will excite buyers.

Whether you are working with just one tough room you can’t seem to figure out how to show, or you need to stage multiple rooms or condos, Alexander Staging and Design will use our inventory to exceed your expectations.

Rates for inventory staging are charge monthly rental charges and for design services. We will work within your budget to accomplish your goals.

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